Saturday, August 10, 2013

(TV) Official Season Preview Trailer: Homeland Season 3


  1. As homeland season 3 dvd box set
    neared on Sunday night, and given the certain sense of closure delivered by recent episodes, the burning question became: Would Nicholas Brody emerge from the season-ender alive? And as recently as this afternoon, more than 30 percent of TVLine readers polled suspected that the war hero-turned-would-be terrorist would not survive into homeland season 3 dvd box set.

  2. greys anatomy season 9 dvd As Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes previously promised, no man-made catastrophes of the plane crash, the big bang theory season 6 dvd bus accident or gunman variety are on tap for the ABC drama’s Season 9 finale.
    But make no mistake, the staffers at Grey+Sloan Memorial aren’t getting off that easy.
    Rhimes sent greys anatomy season 9 dvd fans into a veritable tizzy when she tweeted a month ago that everything she previously said about this justified season 4 dvd season’s finale “NO LONGER STANDS,” adding, “We changed everything.”



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