Monday, August 26, 2013

(Celebs) Erin Wasson Shows It All it At the 2013 MTV VMA

Erin Wasson, who is a model and also an actress, changed the bars of most outrageous VMA outfit worn. Even Gaga did wasn’t so extreme; Wasson turned up in sheer shear that did not conceal anything. Everyone was surprised, if not shocked in Brooklyn, at the Barclays Center on 25th August. No one has worn a dressing revealing so much!
People could not help staring the star of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. She wore a see me through dress combined with bandeau bottoms and a matching bikini top. The extreme dress was matched with accessories that included open heels and a black turban.
Wasson, at the age of 31 years is not the first star to show up in an extraordinary fashion at the VMA event. Lady Gaga wore a shocking dress in 2010; it was made of raw meat. It was the first time such a dress was worn by anyone and even the media described it as biggest fashion statement in 2010.
In 1998, Rose McGowan wore a dress made of chain that left the butt bare, a year later Lil Kim showed up in a jumpsuit that matched with her purple colored nipple cover.
Video Music Awards has send wild fashions and more is expected in future as stars seek to outdo one another. Creative and strange dresses made for this great event, leaves many people with dropped jaws!

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