Tuesday, August 27, 2013

(Celebs) Madonna is the Top Earning Celebrity- Making More Than Winfrey And Spielberg

The popular US singer, Madonna has topped the list of worlds top earning celebrities. This is according to the list that was released by Forbes on Monday. She is estimated to have made $ 125 million which is equivalent to 80 million pounds in the last one year. Her income increased so much because her MDNA tour combined with sales of fragrance, clothing and many other investments.
Steven Spielberg came second, but quiet distant since he made $100 million. He was declared to earner among celebrities by Forbes lat year. Most of his income came from old hits like Jurassic Park and E.T; they continue to give money up to date.
According to Dorothy, a reporter from Forbes, Madonna is an excellent example of the unbelievable power that lies in the successful career in music. At 55 years of age, Madonna is still a power to reckon with. Lady Gaga who is on 27 years old, seem to following the steps taken in by Madonna to build her career in four decades. Forbes continued to say that, this young singer has emulated Madonna on how to rake money. She has made over $80 million from singing; her hit songs include Born this way and she is number 10 on the Forbes list.
Every year that ends July, Forbes makes a list celebrity and the amount they earn. They get information from reliable sources like producers, agents and managers to estimate the amount made by each celebrity every year. The total figure given does not show agent fess, tax deductions and other expenses by celebrities.
The other time when Madonna had made a lot of money was in 2009, it was $110 million. This was less than what Oprah made in 2008, $165. All this was reported by Forbes adding that Winfrey who is a media mogul did not make much compared to previous years. She was ranked number 13 on the list with estimated earnings of $77 million. At number there was a tie; three people held the position, E.L James, the author of Fifty Shades of Grey, Simon Cowell, a renowned television and music producer and Howard Stern, a radio jock.
On the list of the earners are Glenn Beck, a TV host, Michael Bay, the director of Transformers franchise and also James Patterson, a novelist appeared on top 10.

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  1. Madonna is one rich and powerful, not to mention talented individual! I see she made $125 million in just one year's time and another year she made $110 million. So in just two years out of her 32 year career she pulled in $235 million. There is a reason I am bringing this up! One is because I have read her estimated fortune in 2014 was $325 million! That is laughable and absurd to say the least! In 1992 she was offered $60 million by Time Warner for a deal/contract plus she co-owned her own Production company called Maverick! After years of ownership, she sold her shares. Lots of profit! LIVE NATION gave her $120 million contract and since then she has earned hundreds of millions on top of her contract monies! Just add the $120 million and the $60 million to just the two years of earnings I mentioned earlier and you have $415 million! I haven't even mentioned her earnings throughout the 1980s whatsoever! I haven't mentioned her extensive art collection! I haven't mentioned her real estate! I haven't mentioned her Coconut water shares! I haven't mentioned her Macys line (Material Girl) clothes, Truth or Dare perfumes etc! I haven't even mentioned her albums/unit sales at over 300 million! I have many articles from Forbes and Money Market magazine through the years with Madonna's earnings mentioned at different times in her long career and combined through the 1980's through the 1990's she was over $400 million easily! I can only imagine what her total worth is now! Google all this for yourselves. From her records contracts to her investments and shares & stocks...her empire will continue to grow as any other legend's would! I don't think Forbes has a handle on Madonna's true worth! They completely underestimate her wealth and I believe she could care less anyhow!



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