Wednesday, August 28, 2013

(Celebs) Alec Baldwin Fights a Photographer

Yesterday, Alec Baldwin got physical with a photographer who name is Paul Adao. The actor and his wife were having lunch when this photographer came out of nowhere and started taking photos.  This is alleged to have taken place in New York.
The photographer was overzealous but when contacted for a comment, he insisted that he did not approach the couple in a hostile way. Adao said that he was just doing his work; asking some questions and taking video.
The couple has a newborn daughter, but she was not with them during the incident. Both Baldwin and Adao admitted that they pushed one another and none of them wants to press charges. The case is now closed by the police and it remains unclear who started the fight between the two.
This is not the first time Baldwin gets into an altercation with a paparazzi. Last year he hit a photographer, just after he obtained his marriage certificate. May be he is not yet used to having his photos taken all the time or simply won't allow it!

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