Wednesday, August 28, 2013

(Celebs) Kelly Osbourne Warns Miley Cyrus to Watch Her Tongue

Kelly Osbourne is a good friend of Miley Cyrus but, she had to warn her girlfriend. She feels that her friend should watch tongue considering her performance at the VMA. There have been a number of hits since her controversial performance and even her friends are not happy about it.

Kelly said that Miley is her friend and is not planning to dump her for any reason and as a good friend; it’s her duty to warn her.  According to Kelly, Miley has to keep her f**king tongue silent. She admits her love for Miley but, she does not like the way she talks. Kelly is not happy at all with Miley, and feels she has to watch what she does.

Her (Miley) nude colored bikini that she wore during the performance was comparable the renowned egg get up worn by Gaga in the VMA event several years ago. It was not amusing and only reminded the VMA attendants the weird fashion donned by stars for this event every year.

There are some stars that are in support of Miley; Adam Lambert was a presenter at the event and defended the embattled star via Twitter. He told those complaining that it may not be their cup of tea, but it does not give them right to criticize her. He continued to say that she doing something good for herself. But actually ended up saying that he did not state his opinion about the performance; so no one knows if he liked it or not! Adam concluded that Miley was merely enjoying and trying getting some slack.

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