Tuesday, August 27, 2013

(Celebs) Kate Gosselin Takes Her Ex-Husband Court After He Hacked Her Computer and Phone

Kate Gosselin, a former star in a reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8 has taken her ex husband to court over allegations that hacked her computer and phone.  She claimed that Jon wanted information to help him come up with a book telling everything about her.
In the lawsuit, it’s alleged that Jon is making a book titled, Kate Gosselin: How she fooled the world. This book is written by Robert Hoffman, a journalist used to work for tabloids. It is said that Jon and Hoffman are good friends and hence planned to write the book without Gosselin’s permission. But the book received a blow after it was removed from Amazon because it contained contend that was obtained illegally.
The couple became famous after their reality show became a hit. The show was about a couple that struggled hard to raise their family. The family included twins and it was loved by many people all over the US.  In 2009, Kate and Jon separated and ended their ten year marriage. They are now divorced, but they live in the same neighborhood in Pennsylvania; they are only thirty minutes away from one another.
In a recent interview, Jon said they still talk and that they have a civil relationship. They text one another and avoid being emotional, but he admitted their communication is not smooth

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