Wednesday, August 21, 2013

(Celebs) Brooks Ayers Clearly Insults His Ex, Vicki Gunvalson in Recorded Audio Tape

The well known star, Vicki Gunvalson of “Real Housewives of Orange County” was insulted by her ex boyfriend, Brook Ayers. In a secret tape, he calls her a whore and even threatens to hit her ass. He sounds drunk and serious about kicking her ass; the worst part is that he goes on to brag that they beat up women in the South.

Brooks Ayers is heard clearly using wicked insults to describe a woman he has dated for around two years. This is during a fiery exchange between him and Ryan Culberson, Vicki’s son-in-law. He seems to be proud of assaulting women and even encourages Culberson to do it. Culberson rebuffs him and does find anything amusing about the 46 year old is talking about.

It is not clear why he calls a fucking bitch and  a whore. But, Culberson is heard telling that he will be alright. He is the husband of Briana, Gunvalson’s daughter.

Ayer’s is set to appear in a reunion of OC Housewives which is set to take place next week. In the last part of their conversation, he is reading a text Vicki had sent him. She tells him that he's drunk and she does not want to fight. The audio tape recorded last year, 2012 and will be discussed during the reunion of their show next week. Ayer can not comment it because it is a segment waiting to be aired.

The couple has had problems since early this year and they are in court fighting over a product they had planned to launch. The break up is just nasty; Ayer seems to be very bitter sounds like he can hurt Vicki

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