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(Sport) Malky Mackay: Mackay controversy a result of what happens when cross a man with a long memory

Say what you will about Cardiff City owner and chairman Vincent Tan and how he runs his club but one thing you can say about him or just one more thing you can say about the eccentric billionaire is that he has a long memory.

Former Cardiff City manager Malkay Mackay and Ian Moody, Cardiff’s former head of recruitment and now Crystal Palace’s technical director were to find this out to their detriment as Tan sent a comprehensive document to the FA detailing their transfers made during their time at The Cardiff City Stadium and a litany of crude emails and text messages sent between the two “including one about South Korean international Kim Bo-Kyung which refers to him as a “fkn chinky””[1].

The Fallout from the release of the document to the FA and some of the more lurid and offensive messages leaked to the press has had immediate ramifications for the pair as Mackay is now out of contention for the vacant Crystal Palace manager position that had his name written all over it and Moody could soon be out of one as according The Telegraph “Moody is on the verge of leaving Palace after the revelations, with sources describing his position as technical director as “untenable””[2].

According to the Daily Mail, the messages between Moody and Mackay were sourced as a result of a raid on Moody’s home in March “as part of Cardiff’s £750,000 investigation into eight controversial transfers”[3].  The raid produced a treasure trove of text messages and emails as investigators from the law firm hired by Cardiff, “seiz(ed) work computers and phones and taking electronic imagery of evidence”[4].

All this drama has stemmed from Tan’s dissatisfaction with Mackay’s and Moody’s additions to the playing staff during their time at the club as he estimated at least a £2om overspend on eight players he thought worth less than the £50m that was spent on eight players last summer. Just a cursory review of how Mackay’s signings fared at Cardiff suggest that Tan indeed had a point as most of his additions looked woefully out of their depth at the top level particularly £10m forward Andreas Cornelius who hardly made an appearance under Mackay despite such a large price tag.

Already heavily invested in the club and feeling cheated out of his hard earned millions, Tan sought to have the deals made by Mackay and Moody investigated which has yielded the controversial text messages and number of ‘discoveries’ regarding their transfers. According to the Daily Mail:

“The law firm (hired by Cardiff) are understood to have discovered a series of papers relating to certain transfers that were not included in official transfer documents. Investigators also discovered the authorisation of payments to agents for deals in which there was no evidence of their involvement. One £600,000 transfer included an additional £600,000 fee to an agent”[5]

Mackay and Moody were set to link up again at Crystal Palace as the club were planning to hire the 42 year old Scot to take over as manager but his, Moody’s, and Palace’s plans have been scuppered by the shocking revelations that have gripped the headlines as the dark side of the beautiful game has reared its ugly head.

In sum, the fate of Mackay’s and almost certainly Moody’s futures in football maybe be unclear at best at the time of writing but this instance of alleged misconduct again reveals a nastier side of the game we all rather wouldn’t like to confront.  

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

(The Big Disrupt) Sharing Economy: The Sharing Economy is Bullshit

Bullshit has always been rife in the world but this sharing economy bullshit is unconscionable. Needless to say, the sharing economy has nothing so with sharing and everything to do with a sluggish economy and a gang of tech companies exploiting a second market in goods people already have.

Sharing is caring but people doing their best to profit from a secondary market on shit they already own has fuck all to do with sharing. Sharing to me and anybody who isn’t retarded is someone being in possession of a good and because you’re not an asshole, you allow other human beings to use that good but this not what’s happening. What’s happening is people who have goods but can’t pay for them rent them to people who can’t own them.

 The sharing economy is the latest bullshit being hawked by tech companies with silly names that has nothing to do with people sharing what they have but people trying their best to make a return on it. In truth, what we’re really witnessing in the sharing economy is really a new subletting economy where almost anything can be rented for the right price. There’s really no problem with this on the face of it except that it has and will piss off primary market operators such as landlords, hoteliers and taxi cab drivers who are getting their lunch eaten under their nose.

People make the argument that companies like Airbnb and Uber offer a service to a generation that are more likely to rent a good than buy it outright but this argument reveals the pernicious nature of the so called sharing economy for what it really is as they won’t tell you why people can’t own these goods in the first place . The sharing economy exists not because there been a revolution in social relations between people but because a handful of companies have figured how to get rich off a generation that have become accustomed to renting goods because they can’t own them.

I’m not against sharing and I’m not even against subletting but what I am against is companies worth billions trying to tell me that exploiting a generation with shitty job prospects and lean banks accounts has anything to do with sharing. In truth, if they were in the business of increasing sharing among people they would be facilitating a barter economy rather than opening a new facet of the increasingly exploitative gig economy.

In sum, companies like Airbnb and Uber aren’t full of shit because they making money off a generation who can’t own but because they’re using one of the best elements of human nature, our tendency to share, as a tool to market a growing secondary market in goods people already own.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

(Movies) Robin Williams: Movie Montage Tribute Video (1951 - 2014)

Watch this awesome movie montage tribute dedicated to the comic and cinematic genius that was the late great Robin Williams.

(Movies) Robin Williams: The World Loses A Comic Genius

Upon hearing of the death or Robin Williams, the only question I had in my mind interspersed with the shock of the news his passing was the only any real writer worth the title should ask: why. Why a man who specialized in putting smiles on many a face and warmth in the coldest heart for over forty years would take his own life by hanging himself after attempts to slash his wrist.

This central tragic irony gnawed at me and i'm sure everybody else that a man who could somehow give you pathos and comedic energy all in one go could succumb to his own demons. It's hard to imagine that Williams, though troubled, would see his death as viable option. It's even harder picture such a man taking his own life when he had spent it inspiring other to laugh and enjoy theirs. 

Williams has had bouts with alcoholism and drug addiction and has over the years been refreshingly forthcoming about his demons. Reports suggest that Williams had money troubles owing to alimony owed to his two ex-wives and had been forced take roles to pay bills. Williams confirmed as much in a 2010 interview with The Guardian explaining why he took roles in movies that were notable for all the wrong reasons[1].

Williams had resorted to selling some of his assets to ease his money problem as according to the Telegraph:

 “For the past two years he had been trying to sell his ranch in the Napa Valley near San Francisco, saying: “I just can’t afford it any more”.  Despite dropping the asking price from £21m to £17.8m, there had been no takers. He had even resorted to selling some of his collection of 50 bicycles to raise cash”[2].
The effort to deal with his money problems were also taking it’s toll on Williams as “One neighbour who saw him in the days before his death said he had become “a shell of himself” and looked “drawn and thin””[3].

Williams also recently went back into rehab to deal with his recurring addiction to alcohol just last month with his spokesman said “was to “fine-tune and focus on his continued commitment” to staying sober”[4].

However, to our and Robin Williams detriment, we were to find out that his recent attempts to battle his long term battle against addiction and depression was to be in vain. 

All that’s left now is our many memories of him doing what he did best, entertain. Many of my fondest cinematic memories are of Williams energy and range from his still memorable vocal performance as the genie in Aladdin, his funny yet heart-warming turn as a dad reconnecting with his family through a certain Scottish child-minder to his Oscar winning performance as a therapist doing all he can to stop a young but arrogant genius from squandering his talent.

In sum, we’ve lost one of the great ones and we’re all poorer for it.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

(Movies) The Book of Life: Official Trailer #2 (2014) - Zoe Saldana Animated Movie HD

Watch the trailer for The Book of Life Starring Star Trek and Avatar star Zoe Saldana.


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