Tuesday, February 7, 2017

(Note from the editor) New The Walking dead Reviews !!!

2017 has already been productive year for The Carnage Report and we look to continue the tends with a steady stream of great episode by episode reviews of The Walking Dead starting with Sunday's midseason premiere. 

Last year we left the clan finally willing to stand up to Negan's terrifying reign and if the second half of season 7 stays faithful to the comics, season 7 could easily be the best the series ever had. 

Be sure to check out our previous TWD reviews to catch yourself up for this Sunday as this season promises to be doozey and we're going to have fun reviewing it so stay tuned! 

Also check out the new excellent pieces from our Big Disrupt team coming thick and fast for the rest of this year. 

Thanks for reading    

Alex Clarke 
Founder and Editor 
The Carnage Report 

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