Friday, July 13, 2012

(Opinion) Romney has picked a horrible time to run

If timing in politics is important then the political climate, especially when running for office, is vital. This a lesson Romney has ignored as while the current incumbent of the presidency has horrible job approval numbers and morale sapping economic indicators, this is nothing compared to the fact revealed by Gallup polling that 1 in 5 Americans are less likely to vote for him because of his wealth. However, this is just the peak of an election destroying iceberg.

The Obama campaign, realizing the economy will probably decide whether Obama gets a second term or has a one term presidency, have attacked Mitt Romney's past in business, releasing attack ads pointing to Romney 'job killing' activities at Bain Capital hoping to capitalize on the nationwide ambivalence to corporate types on and off wall street.

The Obama campaign hope to point to Romney's involvement in an industry that has helped bring about the current economic realities that has subject many Americans to a high debt, low income financial regime.While Obama has performed quite poorly with regards to the economy, this is nothing compared to the problems mitt Romney has in tackling claims that outsourced jobs rather than create them , and the Obama campaign knows it.   

Even during the primaries, Romney's fellow Republican candidates Rick Perry and newt Gingrich in particular, attacked him for his past in 'vulture capitalism', just like the Obama campaign, attempting to capitalize on the potent anger towards the financial sector. 

In sum, there are many problems with the Romney campaign, with questions Romney's credibility and the general indifference towards him from his own base demonstrated during the Republican primaries, but none of these problems compare to the claims his opponents can throw at him that the industry that made him rich mad other anything but. While Obama is beatable, he still has a wider base of voters that Romney cannot reach due to his parties' stance on a variety of issues, which can be perceived, at least by liberals, to be anti women and immigrant.         

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