Thursday, July 26, 2012

(Opinion) George Osborne: How Many Enemies Can One Man Have?

"George Osborne has got no business experience. He has never worked outside politics. He is doing surprisingly well for a Chancellor on work experience. But really in a torrid time like this, I think we do need absolutely the best people available."

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With the news Britain's economy contracting  0.7 percent, you'll never see the knives come out for a government minster like this ever again. Everybody from the Lib Dems to the CBI (shock, horror!) have criticized George Osborne's handling of the economy, and even some have calling for his head. 

While the criticism is widespread, it's not exactly unfair. the coalition government have stuck to a hard nosed austerity programme cutting hard and fast on spending in education and health while devising no strategy for growth. Vince Cable was trotted out on Newsnight to give a full-throated defense of Osborne and ended up talking about what the government would do rather than the plans the chancellor of the exchequer has for tackling a sluggish economy.

What is clearly notable is the lack of response from the prime minister or indeed any other conservative as one of their most prominent members is taking a real beating in the press.Even the defense offered by Cable seems strange as Cable clearly would like his job. 

Osborne can kiss goodbye any plans for leadership of the conservative party as polls indicate he is as unpopular as his policies, making him unelectable. Osborne was always a strange pick for the head of Treasury as he is a competent strategist and is a big reason why the conservatives are even in power.

In sum, George Osborne would be well advised to watch his back, sides and front as the knives are out and the wolves are closing in.

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