Monday, July 9, 2012

(Opinion) A plague on both your houses

It has for the most part been a thankless job being a politician in Britain, but the current couldn't be worse,. maybe we have reached the conclusion , just like George Orwell did 60 decades earlier, that our political class aren't really up to much. you just have to look at the numbers in relation to government performance and the story becomes clear.

 According to a poll conducted by YouGov, two thirds of the British public think the economy is being handled poorly, only 15% think chancellor of the exchequer  George is doing a good job and only 22% think that the government strategy towards boosting the economy is working or will work. However, the Labour opposition  fail to escape the general malaise as despite the woeful job approval numbers stated above, the British public still George Osborne would make a better than shadow chancellor than Labour's shadow chancellor Ed Balls.

Many still blame Labour for the current state of the economy  which can explain why despite George Osbrone unpopularity, Ed Balls is regard as less competent due to his close alliance with Gordon Brown during reign as Chancellor of the Exchequer. This recent poll however has not reflected in Labour's poll numbers as they have recently gained three points, recovering from a recent slump

In sum, being in a country where an unelected, powerless monarch polls higher than any politican across the land for nothing but turning up and waving, Being a politician in old blighty was never going to be picnic in Hyde park, but lets not like they do themselves any favours.

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