Tuesday, July 24, 2012

(Opinion) Colorado Theater Shooting: It's Time to Talk about guns

While it's a popular ethos in politics to never let a crisis go to waste, politicians are idle when a real one comes along. this is why it's no shock that availability of guns and ammunition isn't really high on the national agenda as even when a member of congress was gunned down in broad daylight, the debate quickly morphed from a  discussion about guns to a discussion about the tone of public figures when participating in public discourse as it disappeared from the news cycle. 

Now with the recent shooting in Colorado, dodging a tricky discussion about guns is going to be really difficult because the number of deaths involved. While there is a legitimate fear of politicizing the issue to guns, that usually comes with job of being politician, it doesn't excuse inaction in a country that regularly records five figures in gun deaths. 

while the Obama administration has proved it won't enter tough fights, it should at least fight the good ones on an issue that involves changing, to a degree, american culture.  However this unlikely as Obama is currently running for a second term and has for the last four years shown he's not the type to rock the boat. 

In sum, for all the pain and trauma caused by one deranged man with access to tools of war , expect little from the Obama administration or congress  to push for stronger gun control laws and the media to discuss gun control laws.   

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