Thursday, July 19, 2012

(Opinion) Five ways to avoid being hated (politicians and bankers pay attention)

No 1: Be an open book

Nothing implies guilt than secrecy, a lesson Mitt Romney is finding out to his detriment

No 2: make the right friends

There very few things that could get you in hot water quicker than an old friends or acquaintance with a past or a sheet longer than Yao Ming wingspan, so make sure the people you pick as your friends don't know where the bodies are buried because they put them there. 

No 3: avoid being self righteous

While no one likes a hypocrite, everybody hates a self righteous hypocrite. People gorge in the stories of those who promoted themselves as pro family while having two mistresses on the side, anti gay while being spotted in a gay club or law abiding while hatching the crime of the century. People like consistency, you should like it too

No 4: Do not wrong the innocent

this is a crucial rule as the backlash of phone hacking scandal involving Newscorp might not have been so fierce if the Newscorp owned news of the world hadn't of broken it. 

While nobody batted an eyelid at the lurid stories of the phone hacking and surveillance of celebrities and politicians, the walls came crashing down when reports detailed the News of the World's hacking of Murdered schoolgirl Milly Downer's phone,  which gave false hope to the downer family of the teenager being alive.

Bankers are still feeling the heat from the wrongdoing before, during and after the financial crisis of 2007-2009 with many citing their lost of trust in banks. Nobody likes being wronged, but everybody likes injustice on a wide scale less.

No 5:  Don't lie!!

This is the most important rule as you will be found out and nothing is worse than being found out in the public glare. Politicians , bankers and journalists aren't maligned because their bad at their jobs (though a lot of them are), it's because they lie  as they hold important positions in society and the truth is the number one threat to it despite the truth being the only thing that might quell the anger towards these professions.

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