Sunday, June 24, 2012

(Opinion) when distrust makes you stupid

While the saying 'just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aint trying to kill ya' does have to some degree the ring of truth, there is certain point where the saying loses weight. they paranoia is heightened sense of awareness but it is really a psychological disorder that makes new information hard  to receive and kills relationships based on trust.

This makes Paranoia very paralyzing because if you cant receive new information or are trapped in cycle of perpetual distrust, the ability to move forward or build new relationship or even buttress  old ones becomes impossible

 This case is no clear when paranoia towards the Obama's presidency manifest itself in the polls where according to Gallup polling a majority cannot name his religion correctly and a tenth think hes either lying or belongs to a another faith (no prizes for guessing which one).  This paranoid distrust of Obama spillover into distrust of whether he's actually allowed to be president with a percentage of the american people skeptical of his birth in the US.

The paranoia and distrust of President Obama makes it easy to blame Obama for things he doesn't have control of  but this will never get in the way of a good conspiracy theory in a country in love with them. While it seems inconsequential whether Americans know about their president's religious denomination or even care, it does reveal a strain in american culture that remain paranoid about their government and political class.

In conclusion, it is easy to understand the paranoia some americans have of their government and political class as it has been well fomented by political groups and strange coincidences in the countries' compelling but very bloody history.But this paranoia gets in the way of clear reasoning and facts difficult to refute thus making progress very difficult if the majority of american cant name the faith of htheir commander in chief religious group or think he's lying through his teeth.

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