Friday, June 29, 2012

(Opinion) How can a country be an ally when the people of it hate you?

Making friends and influencing people are the key skills politics at any level, but especially at the international level as political complications can turn into military tension pretty quickly. The United relationship with Pakistan has been difficult but looks like it might get worse as according to polling by the pew research center, 75% of Pakistanis see the United States as an enemy.

Now, that's not unfavorables or disapproval, but pure perception as for all the well known limitations of polls, 75% is whopping number. Things look set to get more difficult as the political leadership in Pakistan cannot ignore such a number. 

A beleaguered presidency currently under pressure surely cannot resist the odd spot of America bashing as the US have never been popular in Pakistan due the campaign of drone strikes in the south of the country and the recent killing by NATO forces of Pakistani soldiers. 

This problem could be eased by an increase in foreign aid to Pakistan and a wind down in drone strike in the south of the country, but, for some time now, Uncle Sam has always been better at making enemies than friends.

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