Wednesday, June 6, 2012

(Opinion) Monarchy, 1, Politicians, 0.

While there is no good argument to support it and five bibles thick evidence against it, the Queen's diamond jubilee proved the symbolic power of monarchy has not waned.While the British public confidence in it's political class has diminished, it's reverence for the monarchy, especially for the Queen, has been unwavering for some time.

This has been accomplished by The Queen, unlike her easy to ridicule offspring, managing  not to take a strong position on anything or saying anything period. she has managed to keep a sense of mystery about herself in a age where celebrity is full frontal to say the least.

It is surprising to find that the royal family is so popular as people stood in the lashing rain to get a glimpse of the monarch waiving flags and wearing warm smiles as such largess on the dime of the public in times of austerity are usually frowned upon, but the Royal family remains unscathed.

This can happen because people in Britain are rarely, if ever taught about how Britain became a constitutional monarchy in the first place. People in Britain are rarely taught about the English Revolution of 1688  and its ramifications. To the modern Brit, the modern royal family are just glorified celebrities with the best PR machine around, but for  Englishmen and women up to anytime before 1688, the monarchy were public enemy no.1.

It is hard to be a republican as you would to have argue that should one of the current crop of politicians ascend to office, he or she should referred to as 'president' in an age where the British public are coming to the same conclusion that George Orwell did sixty years ago, our political class aren't much to crow about. The modern politician seems to have no real answers and is hated for it, but unlike the modern Monarch, the politicians is elected to make decisions and can't behead anybody who dares to object (fortunately).

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