Tuesday, June 19, 2012

(Opinion) Judicial activism on crack

American conservatives have long complained about liberals using the courts to establish policy, which is in a way the right side argument but have suffered the embarrassment of being on the wrong side of history, particular during the fight for civil rights throughout the sixties.

They also have been guilty of hypocrisy when courts have taken decisions that support their positions,none more clear than the stance of senior republicans  on the citizens united decision. but all republicans, and liberals for that matter, heads will explode in light of the trend of the anti democratic power  judges and their courts wield over politics in countries in the Middle East.

 Just when it looked it like Egypt was going to have a Muslim brotherhood president and a brotherhood dominated legislature, like badly written a deux ex machina, Egypt's supreme court dissolved parliament and the constitution in one stroke guaranteeing what some observers have seen coming for some time, a revolution, and now painful comprise,  betrayed. This is no surprise as there remains many supporters of the old regime still hold prominent positions of power , particularly in law.

This has led for the Muslim brotherhood to issue threats to the ruling military council detailing a return of the people the streets of Egypt, determined to have cake and eat it at any price. What looks set to take place is showdown between the military and the strange alliance of the liberals, who pushed for change in the first place, and the brotherhood, who took full advantage of it.

There is set to be many violent clashes and much blood will be spilled in the name of change but there is a feeling that the party with the guns will win out as they have what it takes to seal power, as they have done for the last 60 years. 

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