Sunday, June 24, 2012

(Opinion) Ah!, aint nothing more refreshing than progess

In a age where positive change is rare and cruel irony is a dime a dozen, it does feel good in write on a positive sea change in opinion.  According to Gallup polling, only one third of Americans want less immigration, the lowest percentage in Gallup polling in four decades. in the space of one year there has been a 10 to 15 percentage bump across party lines in those who think immigration is good for the United States and those thinking there should be an increase of immigration to the US represent the best numbers Gallup have reported on the issue.

There many reason for this sea change, but the most clear seems to be the notable slowdown  in legal and illegal immigration from US neighbors Mexico. Mexicans have usually immigrated to the US because the US economy represented better opportunities than they would have in their homeland.

Now that the United States finds its economy struggling to find an exit out of dudsville, more Mexicans are deciding to stay at home. However there has been an increase in Asian immigrants as many come to live and study in the US, contributing largely to the boom in high tech jobs.  
It seems that the United States has found its welcoming spirit again after a decade scarred by the countries worst attack on it soil which largely set the tone of american politics and policy for the rest of the decade especially regarding foreign policy and immigration.

 9/11 had Americans questioning the efficacy of its reputation as the worlds cultural and ethnic melting pot as paranoia and searching questions were the order of the day. now, the US seems to have recovered from the shock of finding out how vulnerable a nation state even as powerful as the United States is to threats of a global context and now seem ready to embrace the realities of its domestic trends as more american have become open to issues they wouldn't have explored which indicates that the United States is on the trajectory the founding fathers intended; a nation seeking a more perfect union.

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