Thursday, June 5, 2014

(Whats Dope) Spent: Looking for Change

There have been plenty of films about squeeze people in the middle and working class have fared since the financial crisis six years ago but few have shown the real stunting effect the crisis has had on the hopes and dreams of many Americans across the country.

Spent-Looking for Change is dope because it showed through portraying the despairing but hopeful stories of a handful Americans fighting against the tide of student, payday and title loans in their effort live out their american dream or simply survive till the next paycheck as personal and economic circumstances has thrown down an gauntlet few would envy but many in the US and worldwide has had to combat.

Another dope aspect of Spent: Looking For Change was how it showed payday and title loan companies through their polices and procedures profit off the desperation of the subjects in the film and no doubt millions of Americans still feeling the pinch of the great recession. The film also did a great job in showing how the US credit system not only exploit those how can't credit but excludes altogether those who can't killing the aspirations for enterprising students  or middle class Americans with a bad credit score owing to chaotic circumstances or the fact they took a student loan in the first place.

The film also does fine job of showing how people, shut out of the traditional channels to acquire credit are pushed in to the intially welcoming arms of predatory and unforgiving payday and title loan enterprises who act and operate like an industry who knows they have their customers by the short and curlies and aren't afraid to let them know it as this film depicts brilliantly.   

I'm sure there a few of you that may look upon their choices and see the role the subjects of the film played in their own misery but what this film does well is show the options that confronted the subjects making their choices understandable upon closer inspection,And that's the real punch behind this documentary, the growing trend of banks shutting people out of traditional channels to get credit and the proliferation of payday lenders has brewed a poisonous cocktail or limited choices and eye watering amounts of household and personal debt that Americans, for far too long, have been forced to drink.

All in all, Spent: Looking For Change is brilliant portrayal of ordinary American going up extraordinary odds thrive or just to survive the changing economic and financial landscape that has left many Americans without choices and increasingly without hope and the film's effort to shine a light on this growing and increasingly entrenched trend is why this Spent: Looking For Change is dope.

Watch below the brilliant Spent:Looking For Change documentary   

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