Sunday, June 29, 2014

(TV) Turn: Turn Renewed For A Second Season, Why?

There are many mysteries in American television but AMC's decision to give revolutionary war drama "Turn" a second season is as mysterious as it gets.

Despite a lukewarm critical response and equally lukewarm viewing numbers, AMC, despite having a reputation as network that gives shows a chance to catch fire, has a history of chucking shows with numbers and a critical response similar to Turn. Shows such as the solidly written and acted "Low Winter Sun and the excellent but underrated "Rubicon" come to mind as shows that were just as good if not better than "Turn" but were cancelled after their first seasons.

While it's common sense that not every show on the AMC roster can become the ratings behemoth that is The Walking Dead, Turn has all the elements to become a show worth watching as it's a great story and has an excellent cast but throughout its first run, you got the sense that there was something missing. However, AMC, undeterred by the not so great numbers, have given the show's creator a second season to find it. 

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