Saturday, June 28, 2014

(Movies) Transformers Age of Extinction: Transformers at the Box Office So Far

While Michael Bay maybe a critical bomb and the favorite whipping boy of any critic with a respect for cinema as an art form, the Transformers juggernaut continues to spin money undettered by the growing torrent of criticism.  

According to number posted by, the Michael Bay directed franchise has already taken $30m worldwide. Deadline reports that the film's opening could make $100m over the weekend which means the latest addition to the Transformers franchise is very likely make good on it's massive $210m production budget.

How Transformers has managed such large numbers in the face of universal critical disdain for the movie, predecessors and it's director is quite a feat in itself as even devotees to the source material the franchise on which the Transformer films are based on have washed their hands off the movie.

Nonetheless, the Transformer juggernaut continues spin money worldwide and it would be an unwise bet to hedge against the latest movie breaking the 1 billion mark. In sum, Transformers 4, the art of cinema, nil.


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