Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Note to Reader: New Developments To Come On The Carnage Report

It has been a good year for the carnage report this year as we have continued to grow in readership and reach and look to continue the good work and supply top content for you, the reader. As part of our goal to continue our current trend of growth, we are going to introduce new segments such as TV and Crime as soon as next week and provide even richer content to the site for you to consume.

There has been a clear demand for a TV segment on this site for sometime and we plan to meet as this site is dedicated to those who read it and support us.

We have been planning to add an Crime segment to the site for some time and now we will as it is a rich subject which has so many links into society as a whole. With that in mind, it almost impossible a site like ours and not have a segment dedicated this subject.

So watch out for our new developments that will be introduced real soon and we all hope that you enjoy reading our new content as much as we enjoy creating it.

Thank you for reading

Alex Clarke
The Carnage Report

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