Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Alex Ferguson Masterminds Another Manchester United Title

The English Premier League was formed ahead of the 1992-93 season. In the final year of the first division Alex Ferguson's Manchester United finished in second place. Since the change of name, branding, legal status and sponsorship, that combination has dominated English football's top league.

The 2012-13 season is the 21st season in the history of the Premier League. During that period Man Utd have never failed to finish in the top three. Ferguson won his first league title in that 1992-93 season and United have secured 13 titles during his tenure in total.

Recent seasons have seen new clubs emerge as serious league title contenders back by money from wealthy investors. Chelsea and Manchester City have both been boosted by healthy investment. Man Utd's in-city rivals benefited from that financial backing last season when they won the 2011-12 title. It was obvious to all involved right then and there that Ferguson and his team would be back and back with a vengeance.

It's very dangerous to bet against one of the finest managers English football has ever seen and it was a mistake for whoever did so on this occasion. The now 71-year old quickly re-tooled his squad adding one of the world's biggest targets last summer in Robin Van Persie.

Van Persie cost a healthy £24 million and a more than healthy sum in wages as well. It seems like he was worth every penny as his energy, game breaking ability and clinical finishing proved absolutely vital as United kept finding ways to win football games. Van Persie scored a fantastic hat-trick in the title sealing victory against Aston Villa stretching his league leading total to 30 goals.

There's more to Man Utd's success than Van Persie though. This was a team that frequently looked fragile defensively, especially early in the season. They were inferior defensively compared with their biggest rivals Manchester City. However, time and time again they found the ruthless edge. They found a way to outscore their opponents and produced their best defensive efforts against stronger opposition.

Ferguson's will and determination was clearly behind this team. It was clear from the moment of heartbreak on the final day of the 11/12 that the Scot wanted this year's title almost as much as he wanted his first one. He wasn't interested in allowing a new Manchester dynasty to emerge down the road from Old Trafford. He wasn't interested in his club's 20th top flight title being delayed one season longer.

Ferguson was only interested in one thing. This may not have been the most balanced or best United side during his historic reign, but just like 12 others during Ferguson's tenure, it will enjoy the taste of summer as English Premier League champions. That's nothing to be sniffed at.

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