Sunday, April 28, 2013

(News) US Navy Women: The Type You Cross At The Your Peril

There are a lot of stupid things you can and will do in your life but attacking a female off-duty US Navy officer is a very stupid and painful mistake. If you are going to be a violent asshole rapist, one of the most crucial skills pick up is knowing who to target but unfortunately for a unnamed Pakistani bus driver in Dubai,  he learned this lesson the hard way indeed.

On her way back from back from the city to her ship, the unnamed Naval officer got on a bus hoping for a routine trip but that was out of the question once the bus driver  veered off the regular bus route into an area that was “dark and quiet”, a perfect type of setting for  the worst to happen[1]. The bus driver then proceeded to where she was seated to make a sexual advance and threatened to end her life when rebuffed with a knife[2].

Not long after, the officer and the bus driver got into a scrap which needless to say, the bus driver came off worse as the officer “wrestled the weapon from the attacker even as he was biting her hand, and broke the knife in two, the...She got a stranglehold on the man’s neck with her legs, forcing him into submission, and fled shortly after”[3].

While this is a great story because of its very bad ass UFC ending, this story could have easily gone the other way and ended with the officer losing her life and bus driver having to go on the run causing a real diplomatic pickle for the Pakistani government when he got caught Because let’s face it, if you going to break the second golden rule of crime of picking your target carefully, you are definitely going to break it’s first, don’t get caught.

The bus driver did get caught after the officer had told her ranking officers who informed the Dubai police and looks set to be charged however, it’s not exactly clear for what.

In sum this could have been a tragedy but not all asshole rapists pick their victims as badly as this bus driver did and paid as much in pain and embarrassment.

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