Wednesday, August 1, 2012

(Opinion): Who Needs Marriage Today? A New Book "Don't Say I Do!" Suggests that Staying Single might be a Better Alternative to Marriage in the New Economy

For generations Americans have been informed of the benefits of marriage, the legal privileges, as well as the favorable treatment of marriage in the tax code, however, according to Don't Say I Do! Why Women Should Stay Single, a fantastic book written by Orna Gadish, the new economy favors single women who are independent and self-reliant.

Not hamstrung by family commitments or being punished for having a biological clock, single and unmarried women stand to gain in the Obama economy, as they are available for more hours and are flexible in an economic climate that favors those who can adapt to ever changing dynamics of the marketplace.

Women are generally well represented in jobs that require a high level of skill and are better educated than men in an economy that favor individuals, two factors that indicate that women have nothing to fear in the new economy which rewards the highly skilled and independent.

Americans are no longer promised jobs rich with long term security and lifetime entitlements such as healthcare and dental plans that used to favor marriage, but this fact has not been realized in the tax code. However, don’t be surprised if the Obama administration embraces this new economic reality and implements policies that recognizes it.

Raised by a strong and independent woman himself, President Obama has firsthand experience of the new social and economic reality and will have no problem arguing for policies that help the new economy. Women can thrive in this economy, as they can earn income without having to compromise with a partner, or consider the strain on the relationship such a compromise is sure to have.

In the past, women were punished for being independent or self-reliant, as the social expectations of women suggested women should be married and should be limited to the gender-role of child bearing, rearing and the upkeep of the family dwelling. However rapid changes in social and economic trends from the 1960's onward have largely benefited women, as they have greater freedom of choice nowadays with regards to work and relationships than ever before.

In sum, while marriage has some tax benefits for married couples according to Don't Say I Do!, filing singly would be more beneficial for women, since essentially, each partner can file in a lower tax bracket. Thus, single women, more than anytime in human history, can be the arbiters of their own fate and stand to gain significantly in the new economic and social reality set to be embraced by the current Obama administration and beyond. Needless to say, in an age where women have more choices, this benefits not only women but society as a whole.

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