Wednesday, August 1, 2012

(Opinion) Julian Castro: Is This The Next Democratic Presidential Nominee?

With the news of President Obama picking San Antonio mayor Julian Castro to deliver the keynote speech at the national democratic convention , it is quite clear that democratic party have a firm eye on  2016. It was widely reported that the highly popular law professor and current Massachusetts senate candidate Elizabeth Warren would be chosen for the spot but has she has placed to address the democratic convention right before former president Bill Clinton. 

While the name Julian Castro may be unfamiliar to many , after the democratic convention, it will be all the media at large will talk about as he ticks all the boxes required to rise in the democratic party. It is no surprise as to why Castro has been chosen to deliver the Keynote address as he is an accomplished orator capable of being charming and personal at more intimate settings (see TED address below) and inspiring and engaging on bigger stages. 

He is youngest ever to be elected mayor of a major city that is America's seventh largest economy. He has fresh ideas about education, an issue would likely to be at the forefront of  of any campaign should he choose to run for greater office. He has, unlike more established democrats, has managed to frame education as not a expensive entitlement or luxury but a key social and economic imperative. 

He's currently pushing a new initiative that would increase access to education for young children as he sees that the key to a new economy is to ensure all children have access to an good education.
His stance on immigration is stronger than the president's as he would like to see America open to the world rather walled off from it which in a state where Hispanics are a large demographic could play well.

However, for all the appeal Castro has as a candidate for greater office, it is likely he will be offered a cabinet position if Obama gets a second term, probably high up in the department of education or even head it. despite his public insistence that his eye is firmly fixed on the future of San Antonio, It is clear that this is an attempt at modesty from a individual who is nothing short of impressive.

In sum, It is hard not see Obama's and the DNC's decision as a ploy to appease latino voters in key states but it is a sure bet that after the national democratic convention, Mayor Castro rise into the national conscious will be undeniable. 


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