Sunday, August 10, 2014

(Sport) Prediction: Canelo v Cotto a dead cert for next year

Golden Boy Promotions founder and owner Oscar De La Hoya has publicly stated his intention to make Saul "Canelo" Alvarez's next fight a real box office smash with four weight champ Miguel Cotto and with Top Rank's Bob Arum looking for Cotto to take on anybody other than a risky dust up with the dangerous Gennady "triple G" Golovkin, the Canelo v Cotto is real viable possibility.

The fight makes sense on so many levels and there are very few, if any, obstacles in the way of the fight being made which in a sport world famous for denying fans the fights they want to see owing to the Game of Thrones like blood feuds between promoters and managers. With the cold war between Golden Boy and Top Rank thawing with the departure of Richard Schaefer, 2015 could reestablish Boxing as the world premier combat sport after years of the sport falling in decline in the face of its own politics as there are plenty of great fights to be made between fighters in both stables.

The fight could take place next may probably in line with the month's Cinco De Mayo celebrations. Both Alvarez and Cotto are Box office draws and have fighting styles that ensure a great fight and more importantly a great purse of all parties involved which in truth determines whether a fight gets made. However one party that won't be to pleased with the fight will be Golovkin who has become a victim of his own success.

People have a lot of opinions about boxing and thanks to how the sports is run they're mostly negative but one thing you can say about the sport that's predicated by what moves the dial and the sad fact is that while Golovkin is great to watch, the Kazakh doesn't. According to Bad Left Hook's Scott Christ, Golovkin's three round demolition of the usually durable former champion Daniel Geale fared poorly in PPV  numbers as "the fight did an average of 758,000 viewers on HBO, cutting Golovkin's audience nearly in half from his last HBO appearance in November 2013". Add to that Golovkin's spectacular but ultimately noncompetitive demolition jobs scare the living hell out of promoters who are risk averse by nature which ultimately means Golovkin is going to have work cut out getting in the ring with real competition. 

In sum, I'm no believer in astrology or that human fate being wrapped up in the stars and planets above but the somehow the stars are aligned and a Canelo v Cotto card is coming one way or the other. 

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