Friday, August 22, 2014

(Sport) Kell Brook v Amir Khan: Brook v Khan showdown inevitable?

After winning the IBF world title in a tight decision victory against Shawn Porter last Saturday, Kell Brook now has the boxing world at his feet and has number of mouth-watering fights but no fight has boxing fans drooling in anticipation than a potential showdown between Brook and Amir Khan.

The fight has box office smash written all over it as both are popular figures in British boxing and just happen to hate each other’s guts. Brook has always wanted to fight Khan convinced he had the measure of the Bolton native but Amir Khan, while having respect for his skills in the ring, saw him as a none entity as at the time he was a two world title belt holder and was being lined up in potential fights with PPV monsters Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao.

But since then Khan lost his belts and has been working tirelessly getting his career back on track securing impressive wins against durable but beatable fighters in Carlos Molinia and Luiz Collazo. Khan has also been chasing a pay day showdown with Mayweather but has so far been unsuccessful in his attempts to get in the ring with the sport’s bona fide superstar as Mayweather is set to fight Marcos Maidana , a man Khan and indeed Mayweather have already beaten.

There has been talk that Khan might just get his long held wish to get in the ring with Mayweather next year but nothing is set in stone. Now Khan has a choice between chasing Mayweather or taking a fight with Brook that can be made and makes sense for all parties involved. Should Khan beat against Brook, a fight with Mayweather would be inevitable as he would establish himself once again as one of the sports major stars. A win for Brook would add further weight to the Yorkshireman name across the pond and in the sport. It would also open up a number of enticing fights including with Mayweather and most likely with the dangerous Keith Thurman, one of the few fighters from the states prepared to fight across the pond.

However the biggest winner of fight between Khan and Brook would be fight fans across the board who get to see two great fighters who don’t like each other much get in the ring to see who’s better in an era where the best fighting the best has become a foreign concept thanks to the notoriously nasty politics of the sport.

In sum, Brook and Khan is the only worth making for both fighters and we only hope that Matchroom promotions Eddie Hearn continues to earn his growing reputation as a promoters to gets fights made people want to see in making this great fight happen. 

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