Monday, March 24, 2014

(What's Dope) What's Dope: First Look Media

Many a Journalist have made a living and won Pulitzers shedding light on the waters edge of where true journalism ends and corporate interests begin and now these same journalists are met by the irony that these same interests may just offer the best hope of preserving their noble profession that is still crucial to democracy working with any semblance of efficiency.

With the advent of Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar's $250 million venture First Look Media and it's first publication, The Intercept headed by two excellent investigative reporters in   Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill, Journalism, after years of scaremongering about its future and its wider consequences of its decline has finally got a shot in the arm it desperately needed.

First Look Media is dope as it already looks like it may serve as the reserve of Journalism that allows the press to reiterate it status as the fourth estate with a straight face. The Intercept has continued the good work Greenwald started at the Guardian in reporting on the leaks provided by Edward Snowden. Going forward it looks like a haven for other whistle-blowers and committed journalists looking to reveal hard truths about government encroachment into the private lives of their citizens having to worry about editors over their shoulders soiling themselves with the prospect of blow-back from Washington.

First Look Media is also dope because it has a great taste in journalism recruiting great journalist such as Greenwald and Scahill mentioned and Matt Taibbi, who many (including me) believe has done the best reporting on the punishment free crimes committed by Wall Street banks and their management over the last five years and still managed to see the humor in the face of such naked injustice.

The Prospect of Taibbi heading a publication is great prospect indeed as he's not only a great reporter, he is a great writer. it shines through in his reporting from the excesses and crimes of Wall Street to the rapacious and shocking nature of the Student loans industry and so does his satirical humour mentioned in the gonzo journalism style popularized by the great Hunter S. Thompson.

In sum, First Look Media is off to a good start and has a great taste in journalism which makes it dope but more importantly it provides a place where public interest journalism, the reason why the press referred to as the fourth estate, finally gets its day in the sun and that's as dope as it gets.

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