Friday, March 21, 2014

(Note to the Reader) Note to the Reader: Upcoming Interview and What's Dope's reintroduction

Hey out there, 

It's been sometime but we finally did it and secured a top class interview with author James Parsons, talking about everything from his inspiration to write to his admiration for Ren and Stimpy (yes Ren and Stimpy, it wasn't a typo)  and it won't be the last. The interview will go live on the site early next Monday so check it out.

Also next Monday we will reintroduce the "What's Dope?" segment on the The Carnage Report 's which will one corner of the interwebs were what's really dope gets it's due. When we ran the segment Two months we got a great response and some of our best numbers this year.

Yes I may be the ruler (editor) of all that you survey and have a major bias in favour of anything on The Carnage Report but What's Dope is a truly great segment if you love what's cool and want to know what's dope five minutes into the future. if you are new to this site (where have been!! better late than never!!) then click on the "What's Dope" sub heading on the home page and get your fix of cool and the five minutes into the future you missed.

Connect with us on twitter @tcrblogspot and check out James Parsons great site to get the dope on our next guest   

Thanks for reading 

Alex Clarke
The Carnage Report

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