Thursday, December 12, 2013

(What's Dope?) PixelPin: Solution To A Growing Problem

While we all have a thousand accounts, and as a consequence a thousand passwords, we can never remember, it doesn't mask over the soul destroying fact that most of us are shit at devising passwords.

It's not really our fault as we are forced to think of an elaborate and super complicated password that is at once is easy to remember and enough  make a email hacker consider the easy way out out of pure frustration but unsurprisingly, most of us are not up to the job when "Password" (really?) and "123456" (???) are the most commonly used passwords to protect our accounts in an age where services such as Google are pooling access to their services under one username and password.

To counter our hopelessness in devising passwords that a chimp wouldn't in five minutes, PixelPin have devised a fantastic way to protect our accounts online, instead of having to come up with an elaborate password you'll forget as soon as you came up with it , you just use what we as human remember best, images.

The internet has been around for some time now and it's strange no one has come up with an idea of using images to access our accounts given that most people (me included)) have bad memories and won't be climbing ladders in the field of cryptography anytime soon. PixelPin is pretty easy to to use (see the video above)  and is novel and fun way to combat a problem we all face which is for me and anybody with a zillion accounts on the net a godsend and pretty dope

Visit PixelPin to out more about the service here:

Also check out Silicon Real's Brian Rose (also host of the excellent London Real) extensive interview with PixelPin CEO and founder Brian Taylor here:

You can also connect with Brian (Taylor) on Twitter @Brian_PixelPin

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