Sunday, December 15, 2013

(What's Dope?) Blend About: Out to Eliminate Lone Dining One Dinner Date At A Time

Tired of your dining experience looking like this?

And want it to look like this?

Then BlendAbout might just be the fix you need escape the growing legion among us that is the lone diner.

That sad breed of human being among us known as the lone diner has grown in number in our disjointed and alienating globalized reality that is modern life and looks set to continue it's current upward trend. Most of us don't have time to make a social event out of shutting up a groaning belly but would rather  jump out of a window than experience the cringe inducing task of ordering a table for one.

To put a stop to the madness of eating alone, BlendAbout has aimed to stem this trend by getting them in one place online to get them to eat out offline. Not a revolutionary idea I grant you but the best ones rarely are.  

In an age were people have become more lonely and isolated, you might think the good people at BlendAbout are fighting a losing battle but fighting the good fight against isolation is why BlendAbout is dope.

Curious? check out the BlendAbout site below:

You can also connect with BlendAbout on Twitter @BlendAbout

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