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(TV) Sons Of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 1 "Straw" TV Review

After five seasons of violence, betrayal, sex, guns, and drugs, I expected Season 6 Episode 1 to portray the same.This episode began off with a blonde child who I still cannot place, with Jax speaking in the narrating position. I wanted to believe that it was Jax at a younger age, but that was proven false. The speech he was giving was very heartfelt. There was not a real connection shown, but I’m sure there will be one later on in the season. What got me about this kid is that after he kisses his sleeping mother, he walks out the door and right past a man that anyone would tag as “Bad News.” 

He does nothing, only keeps walking with a very intent look on his face. This kid is up to something and in this town, that doesn’t surprise me. The home life for Jax has increased in stress, questions, convictions, and loyalty. Although these were questioned several times before, I’m not sure if Jax is going to be able to pull himself out of the slum of knowing that his father was murdered instead of the accident that he was first told.

Clay sits in jail under protective custody thanks to a retired Marshal named Lee. Protective custody was supposed to save him from being killed. Everyone believes that he killed Pope and because of it, it could cost him his life. Everyone knows that Clay is hardheaded and will do anything to stay alive, much like the rest of the gang, but turning on the club? That’s ridiculous. I still think there’s something up his sleeve on this “deal” he’s taking. Being one of the creators of the club should have taught him something about keeping together what you built up even if it means guarding it with your life. He just wasn’t ready to die for the club, but many have and the death tolls will rise throughout the season, I can guarantee it!

The Marshal isn’t only after Clay. He also wants Tara to turn on the club. He is after taking the club down out of hatred for Otto who killed his sister. Otto has more than got his punishment from the guards at the prison. They prove he’s no longer in charge while raping him every morning, compliments of none other than Lee. Absurd as it sounds, some retired people might have more pull than you think. Not only is he intent on pulling down the club, he wants to pit the members against one another. This man is beyond crazy, especially with one of the final scenes showing him shooting up and dancing with himself naked in the mirror. That I could have done without, but thankfully it gives more room for the club to get into his business and hopefully stop him from ruining what they have.

Don’t let Tara’s innocent look with her new hair style fool you, she’s one bad woman! When you’re in prison you have to be tough and Tara is all about being tough and untouchable. When a fellow inmate decides to steal her blanket, Tara teachers her exactly what she need to learn… don’t mess with her! I’m glad to see her stand up for herself because it looks like she might be there a while after refusing to turn on Jax and the club.

Tara’s lawyer is also handling the clubs legal matters. This becomes a conflict of interest when Gemma lets her know that she needs to choose if Tara is going to be her last client.  This threat comes after the lawyer attempts to pass on a message from Tara to Jax, intercepted by Gemma of course. Later in the show she does contact Jax regarding Tara. Tara doesn’t want Jax to be at her hearing. Jax definitely felt confused and potentially betrayed from this.

He seems to sulk for majority of the remaining scenes. Tara is being selfish by making Jax sit it all out, or at least that’s what I thought at first. Then I thought, maybe it’s for his protection. With Lee hounding everyone from the club that’s locked up, Jax being the president is next in his sights.Gemma is known for her threatening ways as seen at the beginning of the episode when Lyla comes in beaten and sexually assaulted through her gig as an escort. The lady that brought in Lyla, who everyone hates, ends up with a smashed face compliments of the bar and Gemma. That’s one woman you don’t cross.

I have to admit, she did what the others wanted to do. Lyla’s condition causes the club to seek revenge, and rightfully so. After busting in the Torture Porn operation by the Persians, who are later identified as Iranians, they get confronted by the docks lead Baraosky who offers both Jax and Nero a deal. Although I expected more bloodshed and a few extra punches in there, all of the scumbags involved in the torture porn were either shot, ran, or met an untimely death in urine and vinegar which was witnessed by the man who told Tig he’d see his daughter in one of their videos. Some parents will do anything to protect the name of their child and their safety. I’m not disturbed by his reactions, they were justly in his daughters name.

I have to say that one of the most controversial scenes in this episode falls at the last five minutes. The blonde kid from earlier sits on a school bench as the large clock strikes 3pm. The bell rings, and you see him walk into the school with a gun. A few seconds later, gun shots. This scene disturbed me just a bit that it would be at a church school but I’m sure that too plays a part in the next episode. It is all connected, we can speculate what will happen next, but only the writers truly know which direction Sons of Anarchy will go.

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