Friday, September 20, 2013

Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 2 "One, One, Six" TV Review

After the last episode the opinions I had about where they were going to take the show were justified but enlarged. As usual the show starts out with a shocker. With the last episode leaving a school shooting as its closing credits a lot of suspicious activity was surely to come to light.

While enjoying one another’s company, Nero and Gemma are visited by Nero’s cousin. He explains that the little boy that was killed for shooting up the school was his girlfriend’s kid. This alone answers a lot of questions regarding who the kid was originally in the first episode of the season. Nero’s cousin explains that the gun that Matthew (the kid) used to shoot up the school was the same gun  that was given to him and run by Jax’s MC. This could mean the whole sky’s about to fall onto the MC club, or at least I thought at the beginning.

Upon learning of this information Nero sets out to protect his good name and the MC. Nero goes over to Jax’s house to speak with him regarding what should be done in the situation. Tara just got home from prison making it even more awkward for Gemma and stressful for Jax, especially since he probably will not find out for a little while that Tara had secretly been tested to see if she was pregnant. The couple share a romantic hug and feelings of missing one another’s company. I believe it to be a show on Tara’s part. This could be disastrous for Gemma to learn if Tara is truly pregnant, even a breaking point for her.

The ladies were sent into the other room so that Nero and Jax could discuss details about what happened and what was going to happen next. They make a plan to go get the cousin’s “old lady” and hide them so that they can be absolutely sure she wouldn’t rat. While attempting to basically kidnap this woman, she starts screaming putting everyone in the house in jeopardy with the police right outside the door. 

Of course she would scream, her son committed a terrifying crime against humanity and other children and died from it – that would destroy any mother. She wiggled away and started to run out of the house, but instead of the front door she chose the bathroom door. This crazy woman was not only going to keep their secret but she was going to discredit herself by shooting up, “Junkie” was the term used by Jax I believe. They took her while she was unresponsive to the cabin at Pine Grove.

Going back to before Clay saw Gemma, he had a meeting with the ex Marshal about the paperwork to work against the MC. Clay refused to sign it until Lee brought in both Gemma and Jax to speak with him. He suggested that his job was always about retribution and that he only enjoyed hurting people who hurt other people and that was his endgame. 

What Clay doesn’t know is that Lee signed his name to the papers anyways and tried to pass them to the prosecutor who basically laughs in his face, much like I would have done. Her reasoning for not jumping at the chance to take down a crooked club is that Lee could not be trusted. The prosecutor also explained that Lee being involved was a risk and if the case was to be done right, they needed their own papers signed by Clay. That put Lee’s plan to railroad Clay and the MC a few steps behind.

While everyone is at the cabin, Gemma shows up to talk with Jax about her visit with Clay. She knows he made a deal because of the way he was reacting to her presence. He was very apologetic and explained to her that he understood why she did what she did. A common way to smell a rat, is to know there should be resentment and anger where there is love and compassion. Gemma wasn’t fooled by Clays nice guy approach to get her to confess something in front of the one way mirror. 

The person on the other side of that mirror is none other than Lee Toric, after blood. Gemma was going through the process of explaining the situation to Jax when Nero’s cousin’s crazy wife decided to grab a shot gun and escape the grasps of Nero and the boys who she thought were going to kill her and her boyfriend. This woman has a good sense, when you get in deep enough some things are common knowledge.

Unfortunately for this grieving mother, she also must grieve her boyfriend who Nero sniped in the left temple. He was going to run with her and in my opinion Nero viewed that as betrayal. He did what he thought had to be done to minimize the situation. Like any scared woman would do she gets out of the trucks and runs. Jax of course can’t have that seeing as a bullet flew in his mother’s direction. He tackles her, very nicely I might add, snatches the gun, and points it at her. I believe he would have pulled that trigger if it wasn’t for Nero stopping him. The boys escorted her back into the bedroom where they tied her up and it was agreed to dose her with more drugs to keep her sedated and easier to control. 

The person who is chosen and agrees to administer the drugs to the woman has an alternative motive for wanting to inject her alone. After he shoes the last person out that wanted to help, he calmly injects her and then uses a pillow to suffocate her. This was kept a secret when Jax later asked Juice if she was “good.” Nero, who didn’t want her dead, appears to be very distraught and questions Jax if her death was intentional and his call. Jax claims it was the drugs, even though we all know he was lying through his teeth.

As any good wife would do, when Jax returned back home, she asked how everything was with Nero. Calm and collected he answered her without flinching. I’m not sure if that was because he didn’t want to involve her or worry her but whatever the reason for not telling the truth, is irrelevant.

There are a few hints towards other scenes to come such as the mysterious map that everyone knows is the start of a new charter with both Quinn and Hopper. Mentioning of the Nomad club might also be brought up in the future. Also during this episode you will notice Jax’s attempt to stop the gun inclusion in their business plans.  Even with a very decent deal on the table, his gun handler refused to let them go that easily and required them to take an extra shipment of guns that were going to “make it big.”

So far every episode this season has ended in Jax having intercourse with a woman. The first time it wasn’t his wife, the second was. With the teardrop falling out of her eyes during the “passionate moment” I’m starting to believe that Tara might still have plans of running away from the area, but this time not with Jax. Until the next episode, keep your imagination open and consider all of the possible outcomes from the events. There is plenty more to come.

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