Saturday, May 25, 2013

(Sport) Froch v Kessler prediction: Close and Tough Fight Between Two Warriors But Carl Froch Has It In The Bag

Carl Froch and Mikkel Kessler stare down at pre-fight conference

It's very unwise to make predictions about a Boxing match due to the fact that everything can change with one good punch and even more foolish to predict the result as both Carl Froch and Mikkel Kessler are power punchers who can do a lot of damage but with that said, it's very hard to look past the Nottingham man.

While Kessler will fight to the finish, it is hard to see how he will beat Froch as he has home advantage which always counts in Boxing no matter how much Boxers and their trainers like to dismiss its influence during a match. 

Froch has fought more since they both locked horns in their barn-burner in Denmark three years ago and fought tougher opposition. He has also overcome some real odds especially the Lucian Bute fight where Froch ripped the Canadian to shreds to the point that the former IBF champion hasn't look the same since. out of the two fighters, Froch has the stronger stamina which will count in this fight because if you're expecting a one round knockout, you clearly haven't seen the first fight or any of the media buzz that has surrounded this fight since it was arranged. 

In the first fight, Kessler won the fight largely on heart, determination and a expected generousness provided by fighting on home ground. The Dane fed Froch a series furious right hands all match as the Nottingham man went on the attack which put Kessler in control in the earlier rounds. Team Kessler have been confident that it may be more of the same but I suspect that Froch, who with his long time trainer Rob McCracken, would have learned from their the mistakes in the first fight and pursue a strategy that will see the current IBF title holder get closer to Kessler, who does have the dangerous habit of swinging rather than hooking his punches which may allow a dangerous and determined Froch inside to do maximum  damage.

In sum, whatever happens tonight, fight fans across the world are guaranteed a spectacle that will stay long in the memory as neither fighter are looking to survive or preserve a long held record but to fight and fight hard to the finish. While I think Carl Froch will be the warrior who will have his hands raised at the end of the night, you can bet it all on Kessler  going out in a blaze of glory as it is quite clear that who loses this fight may well have to quit boxing. Finally, Whatever happens  tonight, it going to be one of the best fights you'll see for some time on British soil. 

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