Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sir Alex Ferguson: A Great Manager and A Great Adapter

Football fans all around the world are still getting over Wednesday morning's stunning news that Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson is retiring at the end of the 2012-13 season. There are varying opinions on Ferguson as a person. The fact is that winning breeds dislike and envy. However, no-one would argue with Ferguson's legacy. He is unquestionably one of the best managers that the game of football has ever seen.

Ferguson's record is impeccable. Since the 1991-92 season, Manchester United have never finished lower than third in the English Premier League. He has won 13 EPL titles, two Champions League titles, five FA Cups, four League Cups, one Cup Winners' Cup, one European Super Cup, one Club World Cup and one Intercontinental Cup.

Man Utd won the treble (League, FA Cup and Champions League) in 1998/99, another League and Champions League double and three League and FA Cup doubles.

Ferguson has shown fantastic managerial and coaching ability during a remarkable 26-year career with United. He has coached teams based on a stingy defensive set up, he has coached teams with dynamic attacking play and he has coached teams with just about every combination in-between. He has shown the ability to make good big name signings and make them a part of the squad and he has also brought younger players through Man Utd's academy ranks on a regular basis.

The real quality that sets Ferguson apart from just about every other manager in the history of football? Adaptability. It's hard to think of a manager who has adapted to so much on and off the field during a managerial tenure. Man Utd is now a big worldwide brand, one of the biggest in the entire world. Ferguson managed this team before that happened and while it was happening.

Ferguson adapted to the culture change in Premier League football from a fast flowing attacking league to one that embraced a more defensive outlook. He adapted to a league that has received tremendous amounts of investment and has become by far the biggest spender in the world of football.

He has adapted to the introduction and loss of several big name players and marquee players in the club's history. He has become synonymous with Man Utd and synonymous with success.

It's very difficult to describe and discuss the legacy of Ferguson. His name is in the history books, but he will forever be remembered for so much more than what has been recorded on paper. He may well be the last manager of his breed. We may never see anyone quite like him again.

United fans should cherish his farewell to Old Trafford this weekend against Swansea City, while football fans should do the same against West Brom the following weekend. The game is losing one of its greats this summer. Ferguson changed the game forever. It will never be the same without him.

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