Tuesday, February 26, 2013

(Politics) George Osborne Prediction: Why George Osborne may lose his job as chancellor

We are more and more being measured by the results we produced as workers from productivity to levels of imagination and creativity but politicians remain immune to this focus on performance with George Osborne being a major case in point, with the British heading into yet another recession and having lost its triple A rating (which means that it may cost the country more borrow money), the question is how is George Osborne still chancellor. People across Britain would be justified to ask this question but a better question would be why on earth was he appointed a Chancellor of the exchequer in the first place?.

Osborne would be much more effective as a strategist in the PM office alongside David Cameron instead of facing attack from all quarters every time more dismal economic indicators are publicly published.

His political skill is second to none proved by his ability out do shadow chancellor Ed Balls despite the economic horror show taking place under his watch. He has also done pretty well in making Labour scramble on many of the issues Labour should dominate and have dominated in the past such as the welfare state and pensions. However, for all his skill as a strategist, he cannot manoeuvre his way out of negative economic indicators many have laid at his door.

The Conservative strategy to excuse the lack of economic progress has been to place blame on the Labour government mishandling of the economy but with Labour soaring ahead of the Tories in most polls available, such a strategy is clearly not working.

Labour has issued attack after attack against the Conservatives policy of austerity which has experienced some push back globally with many countries seeing the need to have a growth strategy. Despite this growing need, Osborne, to his and government’s detriment, has stuck doggedly to a programme of deficit first and all else be damned approach which at the same time is not working and is tarnishing any hopes he may have to lead his party.

You always know that a minister is in trouble when his predecessors are coming out the wood work and throwing in their two cents about what needs to happen next and potential rivals for the conservative leadership are urging the minister in question to change his position which has both happened to George Osborn over the last few weeks.It seems that only thing that is keeping him in office is the Prime Minster who has refuse to press the trigger on Osborne in spite of the fact that it may be for the better for Osborne and indeed the economy.

In sum. George Osborne may lose his job but not anytime soon due to the prime mister having ample time to get rid of Osborne but refusing to pull the trigger. However with the economy in bad shape, David Cameron may have no choice but to bring his political ally close to him in the interest of the country and indeed Osborne himself. 

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