Wednesday, February 6, 2013

(Opinion) Rick Ross: Rap Gangster With Real Gangster Problems

There are many things you can say about Miami rapper Rick Ross (most of which would be negative), but what can be said for sure is that Rick Ross has portrayed a life that now is coming back to haunt him. Rick Ross repeatedly raps about a luxurious elegant gangster lifestyle in his songs and peddles classic street hustler imagery in his videos to the chagrin of a number of fellow rappers (especially those who have had a taste of the life Ross portrays) and real gang members, who see Rick Ross as fake and is making a mockery of their all to grim reality.

Rick Ross is not the only rapper who has portrayed himself to be a gangster well respected in the streets or claim to rep their hood beyond reproach but very few rappers who have been found out as publicly as Ross to be the total opposite of what he portrays in songs and music videos and stick around to tell the story. Rick Ross made the career defining mistake of starting a beef with 50 Cent who then launched  a relentless campaign of exposing Ross by shining a humiliating light on his child support issues to his former employment as a corrections officer.

Many in hip hop community were shocked by the findings of him being a corrections officer in the past, especially due to the fact that Rick Ross has not really been harmed by the revelation. If anything, Rick Ross has gone from strength to strength with a epic brand of music and smooth rhymes littered with heavy references to drug dealing and gang culture. While many rappers have cited Ross as a fraud, It hasn’t made a dent as many in the hip hop community largely overlooked his deception.  

Nonetheless, his credibility has never really recovered and his constant references to the drug game and gang culture has now gotten himself in trouble with one of the most infamous street gangs in the United States, the Gangster Disciples. Offended by Ross’s numerous references to Gangster Disciple insignia and its leader Larry Hoover, Gangster Disciple member across the nation posted threatening videos citing that Rick Ross shouldn’t come to Chicago or numerous cities due to loose usage of Gangster Disciples imagery due to him not being involved with the Disciples.

Now his drug and gang references have seen his tour dates cancelled due to serious threats made on his life. Rick Ross, who has made millions selling his gangster fantasy to the mainstream has now put his life in danger and eventually culminated in an attempt on his life. While Ross was fortunately not hurt in the attempt, it is almost certain it won’t be the last as the feeling of dislike against Ross are strong among those who feel that Rick Ross has profited handsomely from a lifestyle he has no first-hand experience of.

In sum, Rick Ross has become a victim of his own gangster creation and now the barbarian at the gate of it how now come crashing through the bravado and imagery which has earned Ross his fortune and now, unfortunately his new found status as a nationwide target for abuse and even worse.    

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