Thursday, January 5, 2017

(Note to the reader) Happy New Year 2017

Dear Reader, 

Thank you for your support and readership of The Carnage Report as we enter our sixth year of operation and we wish you a happy and productive 2017. 

We're looking to make 2017 a big year for TCR as we plan to supply more engaging and high quality content from new as well established voices. We also plan to supply more articles, features, interviews, reviews and  videos at more than any point we have in the past. 

The last few years have been stop and start regarding content leading inconsistency but everyone at TCR is committed to making 2017 our most productive year yet.  

In sum, 2017 will be a big year for us and if we have everything to do with it, a great year for all of you who have stuck with us for this long. 

Thank you  for listening 

Alex Clarke 
Founder and Owner 
The Carnage Report 

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