Saturday, November 14, 2015

(Note to the Reader) The Carnage Report #standswithfrance

On a chilly Friday evening in Paris, France suffered its worst attack since world war two in a clearly coordinated attack which claimed the lives of 153 innocent Parisians in a frantic 30 minute spell of carnage that will be etched firmly into the memories of those most affected and those like us who send our sympathy, condolences and support.

It's way too early to speculate who planned and executed this attack but many already have their suspicions that ISIS were behind yesterday events though there's very little evidence to support the theory. However, ISIS have made their position clear on the attack celebrating the carnage and offering a flimsy rationale as to why the attacks took place.

As to what happens next is unclear but we're likely to see France take an even more hawkish stance towards international terrorism than it has already and, unfortunately, more vitriol thrown in the direction of Islam and Muslims across the board  as the attacks will embolden voices from the right calling for tougher legislation on immigration and maybe even a tougher stance towards France's Arabic diaspora from law enforcement.

However, what happens from now into the near future, France will have to confront the human damage caused by the attacks but with the world by their side offering their support and by their side, they won't confront it alone.

Alex Clarke
Founder and Editor
The Carnage Report

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