Saturday, December 27, 2014

(What’s Dope) BrainLeaf: never lose scope a project ever again

There are many problems you come across as an independent freelancer or agency from demanding clients to actually finding clients in the first place but the worst problem and the most common is poor scoping which allows a project to grow in scope or for developers and designers to lose scope of the project altogether which leads to bad outcomes for freelancers and their clients.

There are many reasons why this happens but one of the most common reasons why this happens is failing to keep track of the project scope in the first place and with excellent web apps like Brainleaf, freelancers and agencies everywhere will never have to worry about losing scope of their projects ever again.

Brainleaf, built by developers and designers for developers, designers, and freelancers everywhere, aim to eliminate the scourge of losing scope of a project with their excellent solution that allows you manage every aspect of the project making you never lose sight of of a project ever again.

Brainleaf allows for major project issues such as scope and pricing be managed under one roof. Their solution also allows you to customize billings and hours while allowing you to keep track of your budget. Brainleaf also allows you to manage projects with ultimate ease allowing you break down a project into individual tasks using Brainleaf’s Task Manager feature. You can also assign this task to members of your team and make them billable to your client. Brainleaf also allows you to upload and store files from images to wireframes all under one roof.

In sum, BrainLeaf is a great solution for freelancers and agencies everywhere allowing you to manage the most important commodities to any business: time, people, and money effectively and efficiently and with minimum fuss or cost as try Brainleaf excellent solutions for free. 

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