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(TV) Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 7 "Mockingbird" TV Review

In tonight's Game of Thrones episode, "Mockingbird", we learned a great deal of things but what stuck out during this episode was that in a world “built by killers” Littlefinger might be the most terrifying of them all and Tyrion might still have one friend in the world. We know the official theme song of the Lannister clan is the Rains of Castamere but it easily could have been Gil Scott Heron’s classic “Home Is Where The Hatred Is” as with our scenes with the shows unofficial hero reveals just how deep the hatred runs in house Lannister.

The show began with Jamie Lannister, super pissed, berating his baby brother for taking a dump on the deal struck with their father which would have sent Tyrion to the wall and made Jamie heir and lord of Casterly Rock. Both fully aware that their father was getting his way if Tyrion would have stuck to the plan, both seem pretty pleased that they managed to screw their father who has in many ways screw them up beyond counting.

Tyrion’s next visit was from Bronn, dress uncharacteristically smart and well bathed. Only one conclusion could be deduced from his apparent station: he sold Tyrion. Sure enough we learn that the sellsword had married into money thanks to Cersei epic push to see her brother die from anything but natural causes. While Tyrion was disappointed by Bronn’s actions, Bronn, reminded him that he is a sellsword which Tyrion understood as Bronn declines Tyrion call to go up against The Mountain.

In our last scene with young lion, Peter Dinklage once again shows why many are already pulling for him to win another Emmy as his scene with Pedro Pascal's Oberyn Martell was a zinger. The great people behind this great show do a great job across the board but for casting they deserve special praise as barring a few minor missteps, the casting has been excellent.

Pedro Pascal has been a brilliant addition to the cast as he has been menacing and unpredictable but thanks to his great acting, we understand all this cloaks a deep sadness caused by a wrong he's determined to atone for. 

The Mountain, as many have referred during the course of this show’s has a fearsome reputation and we get gruesome glimpse at how he earned as he slicies and dices his way through a gang of King Landing’s prisoners. Cersei has a very very short conversation with the beast of a man which he barely says anything besides grunting “who do I fight” and shaking his head when Cersei ask him does he care if who going up against and if you were him, you wouldn’t either.

The show has run through the gamut trying to cast The Mountain but it looks like they struck gold as this one more than fits the bill as he looks like world strongest man champion and the tallest man rolled into one gruesome ensemble of brutality and brute strength.

Scenes with Arya and the hound have often been among the best bit of a shoe full of them and “Mockingbird” continued the trend. Were with Arya and The Hound riding through the war besotted countryside where the Hobbesian nightmare War against all has taken place and life has become nasty brutish and short.

The duo happen across a man with a nasty gut wound laying against a stonewall apparently waiting for death to take him away from his troubles. After a brief chat about nothingness and hard work involed with death, The Hound puts the stricken man out of his misery and jams a blade into his heart ejecting from he hell that become a whole continent.

However, it not too long after the hound is pounced on and bitten by an attacker which he deals with swift brutality. Another attacker, a familiar face from season two, mainly for his threat to Arya to “fuck her bloody” which comes back to haunt him as Arya, expertly, plunges needle into his heart.

Scenes at the nightswatch have been among the weakest of Game of Thrones and this week’s installemt was no different. We learn nothing beyond what we already know such as the wildings are coming, the nightswatch are preparing and Ser Alister Thorne unbridled hate for Jon Snow is endless as well as unjustified.

It was hate at first sight for Thorne from the moment Jon Snow arrived at castle and showed off his superior combat skills. This week, he continued sustained but so far fruitless campaign to undermine Jon’s rise among the nightswatch ranks even to the point of shutting down ideas of defence which make perfect sense given the crows are heavily outnumbered and are under serious of being overrun on both sides of the wall.

While short scene wasn’t a bad scene it was largely pointless as we know Thorne hates Jon Snow’s guts and we largely didn’t learn anything other than Jon Snow had come back from his excursion after taking care of the mutineers in “First 0f His Name”.

"My sweet silly wife, I have only loved one woman, only one my entire life," he told her. But just as she took this as a declaration of love, he clarified, "Your sister [Catelyn Stark]," 

If Game of Thrones season 4 belonged to any character it would be hard to argue against Littlefinger as while we always knew he was a dangerous schemer but in “Mockingbird”, we saw the true depth of murderous ambition. This season we’ve learned in Baelish’s role in starting the war of five kings, the ensuing mayhem and finally of his major role in the poisoning of king Joffrey as we saw this master chess player move pieces around to his liking. However in this episode we see him for the time ever literally move piece off the with his own as  he kills Lysa Arryn by making her “fly” out the moonroof.

I’m no master storyteller but the way they moved so quickly to establish once again that Lysa and Rob Arryn aren’t exactly the most stable people in the seven kingdoms mad it quite obvious from my standpoint that Lysa Arryn and son her were dead as fried chicken the moment we laid eyes on them.

Save Theon/Reek, the gods ( otherwise known as David Benioff and D.B Weiss) and have been ridiculously cruel to Sansa who has suffered hell and much worse at the hands of the Lannisters and without Littlefinger’s “intervention”, would had have more of the same physical and mental torture she endured at King’s Landing. While no one will cry for mad Lysa, it’s another loss of a family member, a family member who largely responsible for misery of a whole continent and much of her own, but a family member nonetheless.

Then again, with family like that, who really needs enemies?

All in all, a pretty solid episode. Till next week!!!

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