Thursday, April 17, 2014

(TV) Why Game of Thrones Season 4 Will Be a Season of Reckoning for The Lannisters

Every who has watched the or read the books knows Game of Thrones is about unhappy people in an unhappy place and for the Lannisters in this season, it about to get even more miserable. Despite the odd bout family trauma and an epic but short siege, the Lannisters have largely been unscathed by the so called "War of The Five Kings" but this season, it's as if the writers of the show have made a bee line for the most smug and hated house in Westeros starting with the death of the reprehensible boy king Joffrey Baratheon

With the painful and heartbreaking downfall of the Starks as a house and force to be reckoned with, the Lannisters are now the family we will focus on the most and this doesn't bode well for their health as enemies and challenges are starting to pile up on team Lannister as they did with the Starks and we all know what happened next. This week's installment of Game of Thrones was full of insightful takeaways but the most interesting were the scenes involving the Lannister clan before and during the set piece wedding reception.

A super awkward and grudging conversation was between Oberyn Martell, Illaria Sand, Tywin and Cersei as once both parties get through thinly veiled insults about each others cultural mores, Oberyn makes an thinly veiled threat reminding us and the Lannisters that Myrcella, Cersei's daughter, is a host (or hostage) at Dorne. The Martells are no ally to the Lannisters and with this threat Tyrion's understandable decision in season two to ship his niece over to the Martells, a family he knows hates his family's guts,  could prove to be foolish one as he may have just handed an enemy a valuable hostage.

With the death of Joffrey, the Lannister instantly find themselves in a weaker position as the Tyrells now have just as good a claim as they do to the throne with Margaery as queen. The Tyrells, who so far have been a decent if not a grudging ally to the Lannisters, clearly have their own agenda as shown in season 3 when they tried marry Sansa off to Loras, a plan quashed by Tywin's ploy of marrying Sansa off Tyrion and making Cersei marry Loras sealed by some arm twisting of his grandmother, Olenna.

The Tyrells are clearly not satisfied with being second richest house in Westeros and this season could be where we get a real look at the motives and machinations as now they are in a good position or at least much better one than were before.  

In sum, expect Game of Thrones season 4 to take the Lannisters into deep and treacherous water in the next few weeks.

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