Monday, October 14, 2013

(TV) The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 1 "30 Days Without An Accident" TV Recap

With the end of one of the greatest shows in TV history in Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead has a lot to live up to as AMC's most popular show and with last night's "30 days without an accident", it's clear that TWD has a lot of work to do to fill Breaking Bad's boots. To be fair, most of last night's episode was spent on the new developments in the relationships and the new members of the group at the prison so it's not really fair to judge as yet but looking at the promos for next week's installment, we're in for a action packed treat.

The episode started real slow perhaps with the now bloated cast which i thought cause the problems that plagued a much maligned season 2 of the series  cast but overall I thought it was handled well as we focus mainly on established and new relationships. we touched on the established relationships such as Glen and Maggie and Daryl and Carol but also the  new  and interesting relationship between Karen and Tyrese.

We get a reminder that Rick is still not over his mental trauma which clouded his already impaired judgement when he meets a clearly unhinged woman who pretty much served the same purpose as Morgan showing Rick what could happen if he fails to get a grip over his demons.

The Walkers are as ugly and flesh hungry as they ever were and now are starting to herd around a perimeter of the prison fence which will surely be used by the writers a constant thorn in the neck of the group. Things did start to get going with the action packed scene at the supermarket that suddenly started raining walkers which was terrifying for Daryl. Michonne and co but a real gory splatfest for the rest of us as the writers try their best to remind us that the walkers are still a threat even if they are a manageable one.

However the writers revealed a trick they have up their sleeve when they revealed that infection from a Walker's bite isn't the only way to join the hoardes of the undead. It's taken them four seasons to exploit other forms of infection and next episode looks like there's going to be a huge cull of the group's number which will pose a challenge to the group to navigate and might actually push the story forward.  

In sum , "30 Days Without An Accident" wasn't a bad episode but was hamstrung with having to do so much in such little time but I think they handled well enough to setup an epic drama filled gore-fest in next week's installment aptly named "Infected".



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