Monday, July 8, 2013

(Politics) US: American parents not so Keen on their children becoming politicians.

It could be you..., not if you're parents got anything to do with it!!
With congress habitually posting depressingly low approval numbers and the almost pathological American tradition of not trusting government never mind their public representatives, it’s no wonder why according to a poll published by Gallup that two 
thirds of the American public would advise their children not to choose politics as a profession[1].

Politicians are rarely the most popular section of society in any country as they are infamous for making promises they can’t keep and are seen to be interested only in their own self-interest rather than the larger interests of the people they are supposed to represent. However, while the numbers look quite conclusive on the surface, a closer look at them reveals some interesting insights. Men are more likely to see their child in politics than women, democrats as well as independents are more likely prepared to see their children enter politics than their republican counterparts but when the factor of race is brought into the picture, the numbers fluctuate.

While 26% of white parents would like to see their son get into politics, an incredible 42% of Nonwhite parents would like to see their son represent their fellow citizens in public office and 45% would like their daughters to do the same[2]. There are many reasons why non-white parents would like to see their children in public office but the most obvious would be that non-whites are minorities and the need for political representation is dearer.

A surface deep reading of American history would explain why nonwhites are prepared to see their offspring in public office given the well documented effects and consequences in the past of not having any. While the “non-white” bracket describes a number of group with varying experiences in the American story, the common denominator between these different ethnic conclaves is that all these group at one point or another have suffered  for having no real political representation with the experience of  African-Americans serving as a prime example.    

In sum, in the land of the free and the home of the brave, you can be anything you want to be but if you’re planning of becoming a politician, expect to pursue politics with parental disapproval as a given.  

[1] Gallup, 2013, In US, 64% Want Their Child to Avoid Career in Politics,
[2] Ibid

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