Saturday, December 8, 2012

(sports) Pacquiao V Marquez: prepare for a night of war

After being robbed by the judges in his last fight against timothy Bradley in June, Manny Pacquiao look set to step into the ring at Caesar palace for what is sure to be another war with the mercurial Juan Manuel Marquez for the fourth time. While the fight will be watched and will make large numbers, the feeling that Pacquiao should be in the ring with someone who goes by the name of Floyd Mayweather. It is the fight every boxing fan wants to see and even the casual watcher of boxing would like to see the two greats go toe to toe.  

Nevertheless, a Pacquiao v Marquez bout, needless to say, is a more than watchable. In their last bout, many would argue that Marquez won AS he was landing well with a number of his trademark counter-punches while keeping steady eye on Pacquiao’s left hand, the same hand that saw Marquez hit the ground a number of times inside the first few rounds. There was notable boos in the crowd when Pacquiao hand was foisted in the air in victory, an experience usual crowd-pleaser Pacquiao would not like to be subjected to again.

Their previous fights have been too close to call as both Pacquiao and Marquez prove the overused boxing that ‘styles make fights. Pacquiao gung-ho style of boxing is countered by Marquez, the master counter-puncher always looking for an angle to exploit to the maximum. While Pacquiao is favoured by the bookies to win the fight, previous fights suggest that if you were to take a position, you are going to spend the whole bout at the edge of you seat and biting your nails to the nub.

In sum Pacquiao v Marquez will be the closest thing to war we can get without casualties as both boxers leave everything in ring and both fighter will be vying to see one of them hit it.      

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