Friday, November 16, 2012

(Opinion) Afghanistan: looking for new friends

With several NATO countries withdrawing troops in Afghanistan and the United States preparing to leave in 2014, Afghanistan is now looking to make itself some new friends as it prepares for life without US and NATO assistance. Afghanistan has recently made a concerted effort to make any ally out of India, an effort supported and encouraged by the United States they are seen by the U.S. as a “stabilizing power in South Asia”[1].  The relationship between Afghanistan and India seems to be flourishing as India has “reached an agreement last year for some senior afghan officers to receive training in India”[2].
Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai has even ‘invited’ India filmmakers to shoot their movies promising “safety and provision of logistical support to the filmmakers”[3]. However, while building bridges with India is a step in the right direction, its relationship with Pakistan that probably should be on the top of the country’s agenda with regards to its security. While there is strain between the countries,  Pakistan and Afghanistan do communicate with each other and have worked together to establish peace as both countries “have… appealed to Taliban-led insurgent groups to participate in the Afghan political reconciliation process aimed at ending the war… asking the militants to sever links with al-Qaida and other international terror networks”[4].

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