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(Interviews) David Wilson Interview: When a Red Light Shines

The carnage report with writer and former police officer David Wilson. we managed to secure an interview ans this was the result, enjoy!

What inspired you to write novels?

I’ve always wanted to write but it was a case of finding the time. As for inspiration… my experiences in the police in the 80’s and 90’s had something to do with it and I’ve always felt comfortable writing.  I’ve also written a few short stories over the years which I might publish at some point

Have any writers influenced your work?

I don’t think one particular writer has influenced me…I’m sure by reading good books over a period of time you pick up ideas subconsciously and they influence your style

Do you have a writing process?

I wouldn’t say I have a writing process that is set in stone. I tend to write my ideas down on paper and when I start it’s almost like a journey and I see where it takes me. It’s surprising that throughout the whole process how new ideas can come to you from nowhere and your plot changes.   

I am aware that you have a new book soon to be released called ‘When a Red Light Shines’. Can you give us a brief outline of the story?

When a Red Light Shines is a political thriller and is the first of a series of DCI Jack Edgerton thrillers. Edgerton is the head of the Metropolitan police murder squad in London and originates from Bermondsey, South east London. He’s a maverick and does things his own way. A serial killer is on the loose and the subsequent investigation takes him to the very heart of the British political establishment with a few twists and turns. There’s a strong Russian connection and without giving the story away a scandal slowly develops among the ruling elite…. I can say no more.   

Your plotline seems to have a negative view of politics, is this due to your political perspective or the limits of the political thriller genre?

It is negative. In fact, it’s a tragedy, and one would hope such a scandal such as this would never take place. I don’t have any real view on politics but the inner workings of the political system in the UK does intrigue me, and I think it makes a great topic for a thriller. Have you aimed this book at a particular audience?I’ve not aimed my book at any particular audience. I just hope it appeals to most readers and so far the reviews have been positive. 

What do think about the growth of self-published authors at the moment?

I think it’s great. There are a lot of unpublished writers out there who have a lot to offer. The book industry is no different to the music industry, and the digital age has changed everything.  However, if you choose to follow this route, I think you’ve got to be 100% focused on your project and make sure the book is edited. The cover is also so important. They say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover', but I’m afraid people do.  

Being a crime writer, who are your favourite writers in the genre?

Jeffery Deaver and Lee Childs always spring to mind. However, there are so many other great writers…

I understand that you are a serious punk-rock fan, have you ever drawn inspiration from punk rock to help you write?

Yes, I love music, and my favourite band is the Stranglers. I’ve followed them for years, and I still keep an eye on the ex-lead singer Hugh Cornwell. I’ve been lucky enough to meet them all and interviewed Jean Jacques Burnel. They are a great set of guys and talented musicians, but I’m not just a punk…I recently went to see Coldplay and George Michael so my music tastes vary, but if I were marooned on a desert island with the choice of only one CD, then of course it would have to be the Stranglers. I don’t write in silence, and I need music in the background…so it must inspire me.   

 Last question. ‘When a Red Light Shines’ is part a series, when you expect to release part two?   

Part two will be released very soon. The book is simply called S.E.17. Based in South east London DCI Edgerton comes face to face with organised crime in the capital.   

Thank you , David

you can pick up 'When a Red Light Shines'  here

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