Tuesday, September 18, 2012

(Opinion) Mother Jones Romney Video: Mother Jones Video insight into Why Mitt Romney cannot win

Due the election being too close to call, Mitt Romney may become president, but  mother jones video recording Romney's comments at a private fundraiser reveals why he might not. Romney comments regarding fellow American reveal an attitude that should shock very little due to the ideas of the republican platform and the numbers indicating that Mitt Romney will have to rely on his republican base and the majority of independents to win. However what is wrong is not Romney’s analysis of his chances of winning, but his attitude to fellow Americans who will vote for the Obama/Biden ticket.

Romney cites his belief that almost half of his fellow American will never vote for him as they believe that government should ‘take care of them’ and see themselves ‘victims’[1]. Romney continued his assessment of fellow Americans set to vote for Obama by citing a large number(47 percent) of Americans who do not pay income tax  and  are ‘government dependent’ with regards to  healthcare and housing[2]

With this knowledge, Mitt Romney sees that this group will never vote for him as the republican platform of ‘low taxes doesn’t connect’[3] and he cannot ‘convince them (that) they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives’[4]. To remedy this Romney suggests that he should appeal for the votes of independent voters who may vote reasons more to do with ‘emotion’ than rational thought[5].

Politicians are prone to gaffes but mitt Romney looks like he’s trying to break a political record in an age where people like Romney who made their money in finance aren’t exactly the flavour of the month. Romney has actively expressed his intention to ignore 47 percent of the electorate based on their views about government and possibly income status. The point of an election is to win as many votes as possible, so effectively giving up on 47-48 percent  of fellow Americans is suicidal to any hopes Romney had to become president.

Mother Jones infiltration of Mitt Romney closed door fundraiser revealed not only Mitt Romney’s attitude to Obama voters but his cynical approach to politics. While it would be foolish to suggest that Romney is the only politician guilty of having a cynical outlook on the American electoral process, it is strange that Mitt Romney would be so pessimistic in one of the very few elections in American life where the electorate are open to argument.

While congressional races favour the incumbent to the point of criminality, presidential elections tend to be open to argument as people are open to a vision of America that appeals to them which further condemns Romney practically in the video that the republican platform is rather limited.

However, while Romney expressed a rather pessimistic view of the American electorate, his point citing Americans that will not vote for vote for him does have a kernel of truth.as according to a poll taken by Gallip, 20 percent of voters will not vote for Romney because of his wealth and neither will 37 percent of democrats and a notable 19 percent of independents[6].

In sum, Mitt Romney was never going to able to market himself as a man of the people due to the fact he is rich and how he made his money but the mother jones video revealing an honest Mitt Romney stating his honest thoughts about the electorate  reveals the cold and calculating logic many voters have suspected Mitt Romney of having.


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